Modern Health

Modern Health to support your modern life.

Modern Health is your resource for mental wellbeing so you can be the best version of yourself, at home and at work. Share your needs and preferences, and Modern Health will quickly guide you to resources that align with your goals — whether that’s one-on-one sessions with care professionals, guided meditations, group support, wellbeing check-ins, and more.

Note: What you share with Modern Health is kept confidential and used to deliver a more personalized experience. No individual information or usage data will ever be shared with Proofpoint.

Modern Health is available to all employees globally, including adult dependents

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Benefit Features

You and each of your adult dependAnts have access to:

  • Coaching (Wellbeing Check-Ins): Up to eight (8) one-on-one video sessions (per year) with certified mental health, professional, or financial well-being coaches
  • Community Circles: Unlimited group support sessions designed to be safe spaces for sharing & learning with others. Note: Circles are currently offered in English only.
  • Podcasts/Videos: Self-paced mental health education courses
  • Chat: Unlimited chat with your coach via mobile app
  • Meditations: Guided sessions on managing stress and proactively building resilience
  • Assessments: Ongoing well-being assessments to check-in on your well-being over time​​​​​​​

Modern Health Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


To register for Modern Health, follow these steps:


  1. Download the Modern Health mobile app on your mobile device.
    (For the web version, click here.)
  2. Select ‘Sign Up’.
  3. Enter your first name and last name as it is listed in Workday.
  4. Enter your date of birth* and select the country where you live.
  5. Enter ‘Proofpoint’ for the company name, your Proofpoint email**, and a password of your choice.
  6. Answer a few questions about your well-being and preferences for care.
  7. Get your personalized care plan, which includes a combination of one-on-one, group, and self-serve digital resources that can help you in your areas of focus.
  8. To change your language settings, you can review the instructions here. (Available languages include Chinese – Simplified, English, French, French Canadian, German, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, and Spanish)​​​​​​​.

*Modern Health will ask for your date of birth at registration to verify identity and confirm users are 18 years of age or older.

**You can change your Proofpoint email to your personal email once you’re registered.

Note: If you have trouble registering for Modern Health, please don’t hesitate to reach out to with a note or screenshot. The Modern Health customer support team will provide you with instructions on how to successfully access Modern Health.

Adult Dependent Registration – mobile app only​​​​​

Dependents may register for Modern Health after you’ve registered yourself.  Once you’ve registered, you can invite adult dependents under  “Settings.”

To register a dependent (age 18+), follow the instructions below:

  1. Register and complete onboarding for your own account.
  2. From the home screen, click into the “Settings” section.
  3. Click the “Invite Dependents” button and enter in your dependent’s information, including their full legal name and preferred email.
  4. A registration link will be emailed to your dependent.

Available Support

Modern Health helps you cultivate the resilience needed to weather the ups and downs of everyday life by proactively offering support in the below focus areas.

Emotional Well-BeingRelationships & CommunityProfessional Well-BeingPhysical Well-BeingFinancial Well-Being
AnxietyBuilding New RelationshipsBurnoutSleepFinancial Setbacks or Hardships
Attention or Hyperactivity ConcernsImproving Relationships & CommunicationWork-Life IntegrationExerciseUnderstanding Your Financial Well-Being
Autism SpectrumNavigating ConflictManaging My WorkloadHealthy DietFinancial Goals
Depressed or Low MoodParentingRecent PromotionMedical or Health
Disordered EatingCaregiving / FamilyGeneral Professional Development
Substance and Alcohol Abuse ConcernsSupporting Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging in Your CommunityDiversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging in the Workplace
Mindfulness and Meditation
Significant or Chronic Stressor(s)


What is Coaching?

Coaching, or wellbeing check-in, is a process through which a certified coach uses evidence-based approaches to help a client gain deeper awareness into a non-clinical situation, identify opportunities for growth, and create action plans to move towards their goals.

Reflection, Clarity, and Accountability

Your coach is there to collaborate with you and support you in organizing your thoughts, emotions, and goals, empowering you to drive your sessions while providing reflection, clarity, and accountability along the way.

Transitioning From Therapy to Coaching

For many of our therapy users that no longer require support for clinical difficulties, transitioning to coaching is an incredible way to stay on track while proactively working towards personal and professional goals. Our coaches and therapists operate fluidly within a central ecosystem, making this transition straightforward and tailored to your needs.

Coaching Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Things You Can Work on with Your Coach

  • Building healthy habits
  • Burnout
  • Financial well-being
  • Reducing stress
  • Communications skills
  • Maintaining accountability for professional goals
  • Navigating challenging relationships
  • Productivity
  • Parenting and working full-time from home

Benefits of Coaching

  • Coaching allows you to move from current thinking, behaviors, and performance to expanded thinking and enhanced performance.
  • Research suggests that coaching significantly improves feelings of self-efficacy and worth, allowing for increased self-confidence and the ability to take on new tasks.
  • Coaching has shown these positive effects on team members and peers:
    • Increased job satisfaction and work engagement
    • Improved perception of strategic alignment of job
    • Improved quality of communication

Community Circles


Join a Safe Space

  • An inclusive community environment to uplift and support one another.

Choose a Format that Works Best for You

  • Workshops, listen & learns, and discussions on topics that matter to you.

Learn New Skills and Take Action

  • New concepts and tools that you can put into practice right away.

Access Top Care Professionals

  • Led by therapists and coaches who specialize in the areas they support.

Special Considerations

  • Employees’ private information will not be shared externally. All attendees are required to abide by Modern Health’s Code of Conduct.
  • These are community groups that are open to all of Modern Health’s clients and are not specific to nor limited to only Proofpoint.
  • All Proofpoint employees and their adult dependents are welcome to attend.
  • Proofpoint is unable to request additional dates, times, or topics.
  • Each session is targeted to specific audiences which will be noted in the descriptions. 

Modern Health Circles Series

Exploring Relationship to Self

Join these sessions to explore your own relationship with yourself, and how no one self-relationship is the same.

Foundations of Mental Health

A series of therapist-led Circles designed to give you the mental health skills you need to be more resilient at home, work, and in your personal relationships.

Healing Asian Communities

A series of therapist-led Circles, designed to address anti-Asian racism that has grown since the start of the Coronavirus pandemic. ‍ The series includes intimate spaces for Asian communities to share their stories, as well as more educational-based sessions open to allies.

Healing Black Communities

A series of therapist-led Circles designed as healing and uplifting spaces. The series includes intimate spaces for Black communities to share their stories, as well as educational and celebratory sessions open to Black communities and their allies.

Healing Latinx Communities

A series of therapist-led Circles designed to unite, learn, share and heal. This series includes intimate spaces for Latinx communities to share stories, support, and connect with other Latinx or Hispanic-identifying individuals.

Honoring LGBTQ+ Voices

In this series, we highlight and celebrate the history and achievements of the LGBTQ+ community and the importance of the civil rights movements in progressing rights for all. These Circles will show you what good allyship looks like, as well as how to support LGBTQ+ individuals and their families.

Navigating Global Crises

A series of therapist-led Circles designed in response to global crises and events. We understand that the affairs of the world can bring up strong emotions, so we offer these spaces for processing, learning, and healing.

Employee Assistance Program and Work-Life Services

You and your adult dependents have access to confidential Employee Assistance Program (EAP) services for urgent needs, provided by Modern Health’s EAP partner Workplace Options. EAP consists of 2 parts: Counsellor Phone Line and Work-Life Services. See below for details and how to access each offering.

Download EAP Guide

24/7 Counselor Phone Line

For urgent needs and critical incidents, you and your adult dependents can get connected to a counselor within seconds for immediate support.

When using the mobile app:
  1. Call the 24/7 Counselor Phone Line listed in the Crisis information screen – which can be accessed through Settings, or you can call directly at:
    • 24/7 Counselor Phone Support: 833-322-1931 (out-of-country: +1 984 268 2009)
    • Local Emergency Hotline: 988
    • Suicide Hotline: 800-273-8255
  1. You will be connected to a counselor in your region.
  2. The counselor will ask you a few questions to understand your presenting concerns, risk, and impact.
  3. The counselor will extend immediate care and may refer you to longer-term resources for support.

Note: There is no limit to the number of calls you and your adult dependents can make to the Counselor Phone Line.

Work-Life Services

You and your adult dependents have access to Work-Life Specialists who can help with customized research and referrals for your needs across the areas below.

From your mobile app, scroll to the bottom of the homepage and select Explore your benefits to get started.

Child Care

  • Nanny/after-school care
  • Childcare centers and camps

Elder Care

  • Senior housing and transportation
  • Community resources such as meal programs and respite care

Education & Adoption

  • Tutoring and financial aid guidance
  • Information on schools
  • Adoption agency information

Financial and Legal Support

  • Referrals to financial support for budgeting and planning
  • Referrals to attorneys
  • Identify theft

Convenience Services

  • Pet sitting
  • Travel services
  • Consumer purchases


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