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Resources for Cigna Medical Plan Members

 Virtual Behavioral Health Care through MDLive

In addition to standard telehealth, MDLive offers Cigna members a variety of behavioral health services, with options for counselor or psychiatrist consultations at your home, their offices, or on the go (phone or video appointment). MDLive providers can diagnose, treat and prescribe most medications for non-emergency conditions such as:

  • Addictions
  • Depression
  • Bipolar disorders
  • Trauma/PTSD
  • Men’s issues/Women’s issues
  • Stress
  • and many more

MDLive Behavioral for Cigna

Cigna Mental and Behavioral Health Resources

Cigna provides a collection of educational resources, tools, and self-help articles covering a wide range of topics in the area of mental and behavioral health.

Topics include:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Bipolar Disorder
  • ADHD
  • Substance Abuse
  • and many more

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Ginger Virtual Behavioral Health Coaching and Mental Health Services

Cigna members access to Ginger, a virtual behavioral health coaching and peer support program. Ginger offers on-demand access to a mental healthcare team, tailored to your needs. Behavioral health coaches are available to chat via text any time you need immediate support. Licensed therapists and psychiatrists offer therapy via video with flexible hours, including weekends and evenings—all from the privacy of your smartphone.

How can Ginger help?

Ginger is designed to support individuals that may not feel ongoing therapy is necessary but want assistance with something specific. Coaches can help with any issue you’re struggling with such as stress, anxiety, depression, issues with work, relationships, sleep, and more. If a coach believes a member may benefit from therapy or psychiatry sessions, the Ginger Member Support team can help the individual understand their options and can connect the member with a Ginger therapist or psychiatrist, who will become part of their care team.

How does it work?

Cigna members have access to these services as an in-network mental healthcare benefit. With Ginger, members will start with coaching and do not go directly into therapy. There is a flat rate for the coaching that’s charged per month. Access to Ginger includes 30 days of unlimited behavioral health coaching, and Ginger’s self-care content library, including learning activities, for a cost similar to a doctor’s office visit. Your out-of-pocket costs are determined by your benefit plan enrollment.

  • For Coaching: You pay the same cost share as you would for an office visit, but only once per 30 days. For example, if you have already met your deductible, you’d pay the in-network office visit amount listed in your plan benefit summary. This rate includes unlimited access to a coach, Ginger classes and content via the app.
  • For Therapy and Psychiatry: These visits are billed based on the services rendered, just as if you were seeing a therapist in an office setting. Your cost share is the same as an in-network office visit listed in your medical plan benefit summary.

Ginger Customer Flyer

How to get started?

  • Download the Ginger emotional support app from your smartphone.
  • Follow the instructions sent to your email.
  • Enter your: First name, last name, DOB and your Member ID # to verify your eligibility.
  • Then, answer a few simple questions, and you’re ready to get started!
  • Choose to schedule an appointment with your coach at a time that works best for you, or chat right away.

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Free CIGNA Self-Care Apps and Programs

Explore the virtual programs and activities from Cigna below that are designed to support your emotional well-being:

Resources for Kaiser Medical Plan Members

Understanding Mental Health
Kaiser’s dedicated mental health page brings many of the resources available to you into one convenient place. Members can connect to care online, learn about treatment options, understand symptoms and conditions, take self-assessments, and more.

To learn more about Kaiser’s mental health resources and benefits, click below to view their member brochure.

Kaiser Mental Health Brochure        Mental Health Services Overview

Depression Awareness & Help
Kaiser created to help both members and non-members talk, open up or learn about depression. It also has a variety of helpful tools for people to utilize if they are experiencing depression, or if someone they know might be experiencing depression.

Mindfulness & Self-Care Resources:

Free KAISER Self-Care Apps and Programs

Explore the virtual self-care apps below that are designed to support your emotional well-being. Review more information and get started here.


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy-based program offering guided programs and tools for a range of mental health needs and challenges:

  • Managing depression
  • Controlling anxiety
  • Reducing stress
  • Practicing mindfulness & meditation
  • Improving sleep
  • Balancing intense emotions
  • Managing chronic pain



Through Kaiser, you have access to Calm, the #1 app for meditation and sleep designed to help lower stress, reduce anxiety, and more. You can access all the great features of Calm at no cost, including:

  • Calm meditation, mental resilience, and sleep
  • The Daily Calm, exploring a fresh mindful theme each day
  • More than 100 guided meditations
  • Sleep Stories to soothe you into deeper and better sleep
  • Video lessons on mindful movement and gentle stretching

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