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Let our Cigna dental plan help maintain a healthy smile and teeth. You can see any dentist of your choice, but you will receive a lower rate when you visit in-network dentists. The plan allows for two free preventive dental care visits per year, which don’t count towards your annual plan maximum.

Oral Health Integration Program® (OHIP)

Cigna also offers a dental care program we wanted to make sure that you’re aware of – if you’re on the Proofpoint Cigna dental plan, you’re eligible (and Cigna medical is NOT necessary). This program is called Oral Health Integration Program® (OHIP) and it helps people with certain qualifying medical conditions which have been found to be associate with gum disease.

To qualify, you must currently be under treatment by a doctor for any of the following conditions:

  • Diabetes
  • Cancer radiation (head & neck)
  • Chronic kidney disease
  • Maternity
  • Organ transplants
  • Stroke

How does it work?

OHIP provides reimbursement for coinsurance/copays for additional dental procedures that help to promote optimal oral health for patients with the identified medical conditions. You simply complete a Registration Form, just one time, and submit it to Cigna (online through Then you simply visit your dentist for the covered service and pay the dentist their usual copay or coinsurance amount for that procedure. Cigna will send reimbursement for the qualifying treatment in about 30 days.

Cigna Dental

Policy/Group #: 3341330
Call: (800) 244-6224
Dental cards not issued. Policy/Group # is required.

Is your dentist in the Cigna network? Cigna’s online directory makes it easy to find who (or what service) you’re looking for.

Plan Details


Plan Features In-Network Out-of-network
Calendar Year Deductible
Individual: $50 per member (combined with in- and out-of-network)
Family: $150 per family (combined with in- and out-of-network)
Preventive (deductible waived) No Charge No Charge
Basic You pay 20% after deductible You pay 20% after deductible
MajorYou pay 50% after deductible You pay 50% after deductible
Maximum Annual Benefit $2,000 per member
(combined with out-of-network)
$1,500 per member
(combined with in-network)
Orthodontia (adults and children) You pay 50%You pay 50%
Max. Lifetime Orthodontia Benefit
$1,500 (combined with in- and out-of-network)

Plan Benefit Summary Customer Brochure

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