Origin Financial Wellness

Your Benefit Overview

At Proofpoint, our benefits programs are about your whole wellbeing and providing security for your life. We are excited to offer Origin Financial Wellness to provide financial planning support for you and your family.

Origin provides support across all things money. They can help you get answers to key questions, develop a plan for your money, and take action with the support of a professional financial expert.

Your Origin benefit includes free and unlimited access to a network of Certified Financial Planners to support your financial wellbeing. This benefit is currently available to all US Proofpoint employees. As Origin expands its services and technology into more countries, we will look to make it more widely available to our global teams.

Origin Certified Financial Planners can provide high-level guidance and strategize with you when planning ahead. Because finances impact everyone, we are also providing the opportunity in the platform to include partners and spouses, so you can plan your financial journey together.

Financial PlanningInsurance and Risk ManagementInvestment AdviceRetirement and EstateAdditional Services
Financial roadmapRenters/home insurancePortfolio guidanceRetirement income planningRelationships with other service providers
Debt managementLife insuranceInvesting basicsPensionsClient education and awareness
Life event planningDisability insuranceInvesting tax strategyWill and trust guidance
Goal settingOther types of insuranceRisk assessment


Note: The Origin Financial team will not have specific information or answers to questions related to the Thoma Bravo acquisition.

One-Time or Ongoing Support Available with your Origin Financial Planner

  • Manage all the details of your financial life
  • Connect with the right financial professional for your unique needs
  • Answer key tax questions
  • Save for important events, needs or goals (i.e. dream vacation, wedding, home, etc.)
  • Identify the best strategy and take action to pay down debt and hit savings goals
  • Optimize retirement benefits and perks


If you have any questions about your financial roadmap or any of the recommendations made by your Origin Financial Planner, you are welcome to connect with them directly.

For general support or questions, contact Origin Customer Success. hereforyou@useorigin.com

Access Origin Financial

New User: https://app.useorigin.com/sign-up/proofpoint

Existing User: https://app.useorigin.com/login

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2021 Tax Assistance

Make your 2021 tax return simple with Origin!

All employees have access to 2021 tax preparation services through our Origin Financial Wellness benefit. With Origin, you can put financial management on autopilot by leveraging Origin’s cutting-edge technology and 1-on-1 access to professional financial planners. Take the headache out of filing 2021 taxes and let Origin do the work for you this year.

Origin Workflow Example

Origin Tax Benefit Guide

Tax Filing Extension FAQ

The Origin tax benefit includes:

  • End-to-end preparation of your US Federal and State tax returns—simply upload your tax documents and our team will take care of the rest
  • Full return review by a CPA or Enrolled Agent—to give you the confidence that maximum credits and deductions are applied to
    your return
  • Expert signed—File with confidence knowing that Origin’s CPAs and EAs sign every return completed through the platform


Why was Origin determined as our vendor for financial services?

At Proofpoint, when we explore partnerships with new vendors, we follow a process that has employee experience at the center. We work with our benefits brokers to help us find vendors who provide global services and who meet our exacting standards across many factors.

How much does Origin cost?

The Origin benefit is provided to you as a free, covered benefit through Proofpoint. There are fees for additional services (for example: to prepare your taxes for you).

Will Proofpoint reimburse me for fees I pay to my non-Origin financial adviser?

No, this financial planning benefit offers free, unlimited access only to the Origin network of Certified Financial Planners.

What does unlimited access mean? How many sessions do I get?

You will be matched with an experienced Origin Financial Planner. This professional will support you in developing an initial financial plan based on your unique situation and goals. They will be available for ongoing individual personal financial guidance on an unlimited basis. If you want to make a change, revisit your plan, or celebrate your progress, you can schedule an appointment.

Can I include my spouse or partner?

Yes! Your Origin benefit includes support for your spouse or partner. With Origin, you can coordinate your financial plan together with your spouse or partner. An Origin Financial Planner can meet with both of you to develop a financial plan that fits your unique situation(s) – whether you share or split finances.

I already work with a financial advisor. Can I work with Origin too?

Yes. Origin Planners include Certified Financial Planners (CFPs) or the equivalent for local professional financial planning support. Our planning experts can work with you and other members of your personal financial management team, including investment and tax advisors, to ensure a comprehensive plan and strategy for your money.

How experienced are the Origin Planners?

Origin Planners and professionals are experts in their field, with years of experience, knowledge, and expertise in holistic and comprehensive financial guidance.

Is my data secure?

Origin has implemented best-in-class encryption, data protection, and operational protocols to ensure the privacy and security of user information is safeguarded.

How can I prepare for the first meeting with my Origin Planner?
Gather details about your finances including your assets (what you own), liabilities (what you owe), and goals (what you want your money to do for you).

What if I want to work with a different Origin Planner?

If you would like to be matched to a new planner at any time, you can contact Origin Customer Success.


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