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Take advantage of vision coverage with VSP. This benefit includes one annual eye exam, new lenses every year and frames every other year. VSP is accepted by most providers, and you enjoy the most savings when you stay in-network. VSP has exclusive member extras such as discounts on LASIK and contact lens supplies.

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VSP Vision

Policy/Group #: 12273416
Call: (800) 877-7195

*No cards will be issued for this plan.

VSP Vision Plan

Plan Features
Routine Eye Exam
Every calendar year; no co-pay
Prescription Glasses
$20 co-pay
Every calendar year
Every other calendar year;
$130 allowance
Frames are covered based on
a reimbursement schedule
Contact Lenses (in lieu of glasses)
Every calendar year; $120 allowance
You pay up to $80 for contact lens fitting and evaluation

Plan Benefit Summary


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