Business Travel Protection

Business Travel Accident Insurance (BTA)

Proofpoint provides you with business travel accident insurance and travel assistance services through AIG to assist you with travel mishaps or emergencies during business travel.
Coverage includes expenses associated with accidental death or dismemberment while traveling for Proofpoint on both domestic and international business, including US and Worldwide employees. Coverage is also subject to approved business travel outside of one’s home country.
This benefit includes:

  • 2x annual salary to a maximum of USD $500,000 for loss of life
  • $25,000 for spouse; $10,000 for children
  • $5,000,000 aggregate limit of indemnity maximum (for all losses per covered accident)
  • Up to $10,000 for covered emergency medical expenses
  • 100% coverage for Emergency Medical Evacuation
  • Not more than 90 consecutive days per Business Trip, including a Sojourn or Personal Deviation taken during the course of the trip

Business Travel Benefit Summary

Resources and Contact

To access your business travel website services, visit and register with the policy number (9133922).

Call 1-877-244-6871 (toll-free within the US) or +1-715-346-0859 (collect/reverse charge outside US) to learn more.

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