Plan Costs

Here’s a look at the monthly contributions you’ll pay for each plan. Note that these contributions will be deducted from your paycheck before taxes are calculated.

2024 Monthly Contributions

 Cigna CDHPKaiser CDHP (CA only)Kaiser HMO (CA Only)Cigna PPO
Employee Only$44$40$133$171
Employee + Spouse/DP$266$242$578$688
Employee + Child(ren)$240$257$488$579
Employee + Family$387$346$836$990

 DentalVSP Vision  
Employee Only$4$1
Employee + Spouse or Partner$31$2
Employee + Child(ren)$28$3
Employee + Family$55$6

Imputed Income

Proofpoint’s contribution towards the cost of domestic partner benefits is taxable income to you, as is the value of basic life insurance coverage over $50,000. If your domestic partnership is registered with the Secretary of the State of California, your imputed income will be exempt from California state tax. Contact your tax advisor for more detailed information about how imputed income may affect you.

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