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As an intern at Proofpoint, we recognize the important role you play and the value you bring to our business. That’s why we offer benefits that support our interns while they grow and develop their careers with us. Whether you’re a college student or a new grad, we can help expand your education with real-world experience and work skills. Our internship and work-study/co-op programs expose students to diverse job functions critical to their career growth.


You are eligible for medical benefits from your date of hire if you are an intern working 30 hours or more per week. You may enroll your same or opposite-sex spouse or domestic partner and your dependent children under the age of 26 in your medical plan. For more information regarding domestic partner and dependent eligibility, and special enrollment procedures, contact


We’re proud to offer great benefits that support our interns while they share their talents with us. We offer interns a choice between a Cigna Preferred Provider Option and a Cigna Consumer Driven Health Plan with a Health Savings Account. In California, interns also have HMO and CDHP plan options from Kaiser.

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Health Savings Account (HSA)

Available only to participants in the Cigna and Kaiser CDHP medical options, the HSA helps you bridge the gap to pay for healthcare expenses before you meet your deductible. You put money into your HSA, tax-free, and then you can use that money to pay for eligible healthcare costs for you and your dependents– also tax-free. The HSA is completely portable. If you leave Proofpoint, you can take the full balance of your HSA account with you to use for future healthcare expenses.

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How to Enroll

When you are ready to enroll in one of our medical plans, you may do so by visiting our enrollment platform, Workday.

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Extras to help you grow

An internship at Proofpoint is a great way to jumpstart your career! We strive to provide each intern with a rewarding professional and personal experience. Whether you are a current student or a new grad, our program can build upon your education with on-the-job experience critical to career growth. Program highlights include:

Career Workshops

We host career-building workshops for our interns to help grow their professional skills. Past workshops have included topics such as crafting the perfect resume, establishing a personal brand, and how to negotiate compensation. Those are just a few examples of workshops we’ve held to develop the knowledge and skillsets of our interns.

Weekly AMA (Ask Me Anything) Lunch Sessions*

Our weekly “Ask Me Anything” sessions give interns an opportunity to meet our executives and senior leaders, as well as ask meaningful questions about their career journeys and more.

Offsite Intern Events

Proofpoint holds a variety of offsite social events throughout the year for interns to mingle, network, and simply get to know each other. Full-time employees also attend many of these events.

*For summer internships only

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